How to make someone fall in love with you?

make someone fall in love

Falling in love with someone is a precious gift of life. Love is a feeling which exists everywhere and every moment in time. True love is nothing more than a union of two souls, true essence or the part of you that makes you “You”. Anyone who truly sees your soul will love you. And you will love anyone whose soul you see. One of the steps to make someone fall in love with another person is to love yourself. When you fall in love, you realize that not everyone is loyal. Beyond the love songs, romantic poems, passionate novels and sappy movies, love is the result of complex processes in the body. Falling in love with the person that is your perfect fit is one of the best feelings in the world.

Love is an intense feeling when we start enjoying someone’s company, getting classical sensation of having butterflies in our stomachs, having awesome feeling of always having them on our minds.. even we should be completely focused on something else, the romantic songs on the radio tend to remind you of the person you’re currently romanticizing, the upbeat party songs make you think of your heart dances when you’re with him/her and the breakup songs make you think about how sad you would be if you two were ever to be separated.

How to make someone fall in love with you

To make anyone fall in love with you, you should start the Dua  which is given below :
Bismillahir- Rahmaanir- Raheem,
Yaa Ghiyyasal Mustagheeseen..
make some fall in love by astrologyStart this Dua from any Friday night after bath and wear white cloth and seat on the woolen cloth while thinking about the person who you wish to fall in love with you and repeat this Dua 320 times with soft voice. After chanting this light incense Dua, repeat this Dua again 570 times.
Our Vashikaran specialist molvi Ji is always there for you to provide selfless help without any single penny. All you have to do is just follow our given Wazifa to make someone fall in love with you. Perform this wazifa to create love in someone’s heart with all the devotion and concentration and Insha Allah you will get success soon. Ameen.

Wazifa to make someone fall in love with you

“Minal Abdidh – dhaleel IIal Mawlal Jalee”.
After this pray, wish to Allah to grant your wish and sleep well at night in the same place where you have done your Dua for making someone fall in love. Do this Dua or wazifa for regular 15 days. After 15 days you can expect changes in the desired man or woman to fall in love with you.
You may recite another wazifa to create feelings for you or make them feel fall for you.
Ya Haaqi La Ilaaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kunto Minazzalemeena. Ya Sayyidal Kareemi Bi’hurmatee Bismillah HirRa’hmaan nirRa’heem. Amman-yajeebu-al Mudtarra Izaa da’aahu Inna Kafeenaakal Mustahzi-oon.Ya ‘Hayuu Ya Qayyumu Bira’hmatika Astagheesu.Allahumna sahhil wa-yassir Rabbi La Tazar nee fardan-wa-anta khair-ul-wareseena. ‘Hasbi ‘An soo aa lee’ ilmuka bi’ haali subhanal Qaaheril Qaadeeri Kaafi.
Do this wazifa continuously for 41 days. While performing this Dua imagine the person for whom you want to fall in love with you to create love in his heart.

 Precautions to make someone fall for you

To make someone fall in love with you, you need to love in a genuine manner for getting your lost love. First shed your ego, contempt, jealousy, and most people will do the same for you. The reason being we copy each other and people behave with you in a way as you behave with them. Insha Allah, you will get your love soon and blessed with the partner with whom you can write your true love story. Falling in love is easy. It requires a meeting of two souls. You should always be completely dedicated towards your partner and loves him/ her unconditionally. Because true love never comes with conditions.
May Allah blessed us all with beautiful relations and our soul partner who care for us,  who protects us, motivate us and who always stand beside you whatever the situation is.

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